Library: The College has a well stockedup-to-date library containing large range books, journals and projects/ PhDthesis. Presently, it subscribes about 50 Indian and foreign journals invarious disciplines. The reprographic facility on subsidized rate is providedto the users along with other library services. The library has internet facilityand library automation with INFLIBNET link is under progress.




1. A student is allowed to borrow only TWO books at a time, due to limitednumber of books in each subject.

2. Books will be issued only for one week, there after a fine will becharged at the rate of one rupee per day for first Five days and Rs. 10/-day thereafter.

3. Misuse. of Library privilege will be regarded as breach of disciplineand may attract punishment as per College Rules.

4. No material will be allowed in the Library except writing material suchas Note pad or Copy.

5. Thestudents are required to present their Identity card and Library Card foraccessing College Library facility.

 6. Books will be issued strictly on First ComeFirst serve basis subject availability of books. The decision of Libraryin-

    charge will be final in this regard.

7. In case ofloss or mutation of issued book/s the student must report to the Library in-chargeas soon as possible. The           student is required to replace the book within Fifteendays of reporting of loss along with fine due for these fifteen days or  she/ he may pay the price of theLost/Mutilated book as per College rules.

 8. Library-in-charge may recall a book earlierthen the due date in case there is urgency.

9. Anygrievance/problem with respect to Library operations must be brought to thenotice of Library-in-charge first and then to the Principal.